Project concept

Memories of the North is an exhibition of ongoing investigations into the theme of Nordic cultural identity, souvenirs and nation branding. The first venue of the exhibition tour was Galleri S12 in Bergen, Norway in April 2008.

How well do our existing national symbols, souvenirs and cultural icons, represent our diverse contemporary societies? What does it mean to travel and what is a souvenir? How can we craft alternatives to those currently offered by the travel and souvenir industries? The assembled artists are engaged in a long term investigation of these questions, that continues as the exhibition travels to new venues in the Nordic countries.

In February 2007 the Swedish art/craft/design-collective S-U-B invited four other artist groups from Denmark, Finland and Norway to a meeting in Stockholm, a seminar in Rovaniemi and a two week artist residency at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter in Lofoten ("Souvenirs"), to provide a foundation for the participants and a starting point for research. Three individual artists have also been invited to join the project that currently hosts 16 artists.

The initial concept was to invite socially-engaged artists and artist collectives to use their diverse practices to explore the project themes of Nordic cultural identity, souvenirs, tourism and nation branding. Most of the artists have responded to this request by creating participatory projects that engage local communities in a search for ways to create ”truer” representations of people and places. These projects question, acknowledge and re-create symbols and stories by inviting the public to engage in different forms of aesthetic dialogue: workshops, participatory interventions, performances and an exhibition that displays the results of these activities. The project grows as the participants engage other artists and local communities along the way.

Eva Brownies

"Golden Fish Part II" - Nordic Heavy Metal Intervention

Bergen and Norway is famous for its vibrant Heavy Metal scene. The Finnish artist duo Eva Brownies will be seen roaming the streats of Bergen in search of participants for the ”Golden Fish Part II” – a Nordic Heavy Metal Intervention that will result in a documentary exploring the depths of the dark Norwegian mind. This “participatory-performance-documentary” is challenging the citizens of Bergen to act out with the help of music and wigs. How do the Norwegians respond to this “Heavy Metal tourism” and the wide spread myths of Norwegian Heavy Metal musicians engaging in occult rites, living in caves and burning churches?

"Golden Fish Part II“ is a continuation of "Golden Fish Part I – Finnish treatment and Burning Whish Barrel” that was made in Svolvaer - exploring the wishes and souvenirs of the citizens through a symbolic “burning wish barrel” and souvenir exchange stand.

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